Why Aqua-Rita™?

The Aqua-Rita Table™ is the first of its kind and will quickly and easily transform your backyard pool into a resort with a swim-up bar! Designed and constructed to mirror the shape of a Margarita glass, it comes with 4 built-in cup holders, 4 built-in, fully-adjustable chairs and a built-in umbrella holder. Quit hanging out on the patio and get in the water! Turn your dream vacation into a daily getaway!

Aqua-Rita™ Features

  • Simple Installation
  • First and Only of Its Kind
  • Safe for Any Pool and All Liners
  • Built-in Cup Holders
  • Built-in Chairs and Umbrella Holder
  • Fully-Adjustable Table and Chair Height
  • Made in the USA
Aqua-Rita Table - Homepage Image Photo
Aqua-Rita Table - Side View
Aqua-Rita Table - Inside View