What is The Aqua-Rita Table™?

The patented Aqua-Rita Table™ was specially designed for above ground pool use but is suitable for all types of bodies of water. The name “Aqua-Rita” name comes from “Aqua” meaning water and “Rita” was used because of the shape of the tabletop, which is that of a margarita glass. The margarita glass shape not only gave it a little bit character, but it’s an added safety feature that prevents swimmers from getting their heads stuck under the table. 

Aqua-Rita Table™ Features:Aqua-Rita-Table-Arial-Image

  • Safe for any pool: above ground pool liners and in-ground
  • Submersible table and chair assembly made of entirely of industrial-strength plastic
  • 4 built-in cup holders, chairs and a built-in umbrella holder
  • Table height easily adjusts from 3.5ft – 5ft to accommodate varying pool depths
  • Chairs easily adjust from 25″ – 40″ depending on your height and how much water you want to be in
  • Easily adjustable chair height to suit any guest and will hold up to 350lbs.
  • A no-drip edge around the entire rim of the table to prevent spills from entering your pool water
  • Simple installation: Just place it in your pool, fill it up with water and relax!
  • Our Advanced Shimming System will ensure that the table remains level regardless of your pool liner
  • A fun addition to your pool that is safe for any age including children (Children should always be supervised by an adult and should wear proper safety gear if unable to swim and should never swim under or jump off the Aqua-Rita Table™)
  •  Can be used anywhere you want a table to relax. If you want to use it outside of a pool, simply fill it with enough sand to withstand average wind speeds.

The Aqua-Rita Table’s History

The Aqua-Rita Table™ was created out of jealousy of in ground pools and swim-ups bars at resorts. My wife Jillian and I were getting married on the Islands of Turks and Caicos with about 20 of our friends and family members. This resort was like something you would see on TV. It was lined with beautiful palm trees, pools, hot tubs, beaches, swim up bars and poolside seating. It was an amazing experience, and I fell in love with having cocktails, hanging with friends, and just relaxing in the pool while basking in the sun rays.

When the honeymoon had come to a conclusion, we had to resort to standing in our plain and boring above ground pool at home with no easy way to add a table to chill out and relax on. We looked online and the only things available were for in-ground pools and was not safe for the liners of above ground pools. I was irritated that the only options available were reserved for those who could afford to build an in-ground pool and could afford to add a custom table and seating. These kind of additions to a pool can easily cost upwards of $20,000,  so I set off to create and patent an affordable table for us average, hardworking people who just want to come home from work, kick off our shoes and enjoy a cocktail in the pool with our loved ones. Since that day, the creation of the Aqua-Rita Table™ has been in full-swing.

Charles Switzer
~Creator and Inventor of the Aqua-Rita Table™