Aqua-Rita™ – A Switz Corporation Company

The Switz Corporation was founded by Charles and Jillian Switzer and is an American-owned company that was established in 2013. The Switz Corporation was created with the idea of being a corporation with high morals, importance on family values and with the focus on being a debt-free company. Switz Corp has 11 investors and they are ALL family members who help with day-to day-operations. We are a very tight knit group that came from various lines of work, but we all have one thing in common – hardworking.

Our focus remains on operating our business as a debt-free company which will allow us grow at the pace of consumer interest. This fact and company-rooted value will keep the Switz Corporation’s direction on the basis of building a great business not on a numbers game. Our company is solely focused on attracting the consumer’s attention with well made, American-made, high quality, unique products that you cannot find every day.  Dealing with loans, interest rates, or moving numbers around to make everything look better on paper is not our business plan. Being a debt-free company allows us to keeps our focus on what is truly important, and that’s continuing to build and design great products for our customers.

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